Distracted Driving

Given the fact that everyone seems to be connected, it’s unfortunate that we are now faced with the dangers of someone texting while driving, or worse checking their social news, or even worse – gathering their thoughts using their devices to prep a post to their social media channel, and yes - while driving! Distracted driving has become a real concern and threatens drivers globally.  MADD organization now has a new campaign to tackle.

In 2019, 3,142 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.
The use of a smart device while driving has created yet another potential risk for death to drivers across American roads and highways. There is no longer the lookout for an intoxicated driver, now we drivers have to be cautious of someone texting or browsing during all hours of the day.


We can all play a part in the fight to save lives by ending distracted driving. How? Stop doing it! At some point everyone is guilty of texting and driving. We should all acknowledge the risks and get involved by also letting others know the latest data reported from the NHTSA.


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